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YCN Production StaffAbout Yellowstone County News: 

The Yellowstone County News has been serving Yellowstone County since 1976.  We are a weekly paper published every Thursday.  Our mission is to accurately cover the news which influences the lives of the people in Yellowstone County.  The communities in our coverage area include Lockwood, Shepherd, Huntley, Worden, Ballantine, Custer, Pompeys Pillar and Billings.  We place special interest on covering the four school districts in this area and also Yellowstone County’s official business.

Our coverage area is mostly in Eastern Yellowstone County.  Our readers use Billings as their main trade area.

YCN PapersPublishers Tana and Jonathan McNiven purchased the Yellowstone County News in October of 2014 and plan to carry on the great success the weekly newspaper had with the previous owners.  Former publishers Rebecca and Pete Robison ran the Yellowstone County News from 1994 – 2014!  Because of this, the circulation continues to grow.

We celebrate over 4000 readers who enjoy our news covering Yellowstone County government and four local school and fire districts: Lockwood, Huntley Project, Shepherd and Custer!


Yellowstone County News is located across from Barkemeyer Park in Huntley and next to R&R Trading & Hardware.


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  1. May 8, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    On April 22,2012 I was in Montana for the Peaks to Prarie run/ride.
    My partner was my niece Tara Christman. We are both H.P. alumni
    grads. She ran the nine mile run and I rode a bike 49 miles to Columbus.

  2. July 29, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    I am looking for a copy of the book entitled “LEST WE FORGET” published about the year 1974. This book was a compilation of all the early settlers from the beginnings of the Shepherd community of which the Hofferbers played an important role having moved and settled there in 1934. My mother and father raised six children in Shepherd area on a nice 160 acre farm all of which graduated from Shepherd High. From the oldest to the youngest is Ruth, Arlene, Lillian, Mary, Fred and myself Ed, graduating the year of 1955. My father Fred passed away in 1955 of acute leukemia on Christmas day! A horrific experience! I visited the Shepherd High school. The head secretarial administrator gave me your site as a possible site to procure the book. The persons I contacted all lead to a dead end. Please help me if you can or lead me to someone who can. I think we were left out of the publication in question possibly because indifferences between my mother and her younger sister, Elizabeth who was seemingly jealous of our accomplishments. Speculation to some degree but my theory seems to have legs of truth. Thank you in advance for any efforts. Ed Hofferber

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