Miller’s Dark Horse Saloon

1234 Main Street

Worden, MT 59088


Phone:  (406) 967-3050




Breakfast 7-11 am  Mon – Sat

Lunch and Dinner Daily 10 am 2 am



Menus: (Click on menu to enlarge image)

Miller’s Dark Horse Saloon & Bar is located on Main Street in Worden, MT.  Dick an Dixie have owned and operated the Dark Horse for over 20 years. Come and check out the historical stories related to this building, the bar and owners.  While at the Dark Horse, eat and dine while enjoying either our breakfast, lunch or dinner meals before having a drink or two.  Our menus will wet your appetite with steak, eggs, sea food or appetizers.

First owner (Mr. Jones) and two of his bartenders in 1928. One of the first buildings built in Worden, MT in 1911.

A Little History On The Dark Horse

The building was one of the first here in Worden 1911.

It was built to be a mercantile but was not paying off so the first owner (Mr. Jones) turned it in to a bar.

So in 1913 the back bar was boated up the river to get here.  But It has not always stayed a bar.  During the prohibition it was a pool hall and cigarette stare.  Some say there was even Bathtub Gin in the basement.  And had a poker room upstairs

Dick and Dixie have had it for the last 20 years and hope to share some of the fun and history with you.






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