These are historical pictures of the Huntley Project area towns of Huntley, Worden, Ballantine, and Pompey’s Pillar. Some of the towns for example Osborne that are captured in these pictures are not as much present today as before but it’s intriguing to see what the Huntley Project was like before present-day. This gallery of historical pictures has been a work in progress by and we will continue to upload the rest of the pictures and organize them as we go. A special thank you to the Huntley Project Irrigation District for allowing us to scan the historic pictures to display and use. Please feel free to give any feedback or ideas. We will also have pictures of the old Huntley Project High School before it burned down, Old Huntley Project Junior High Building, as well as historical pictures of the Huntley Project 2011 flooding pictures.  If you would like bigger images or originals, we have them available for your viewing, just email us at tanamcniven@hp email.

Please be patient as we are currently in the process of displaying the historic images.

Pompeys Pillar Historical pictures:

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Ballantine Historical Pictures:

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Huntley Historical Pictures:

View Huntley Historical Pictures here.


Huntley Project Little League Images (view here) – more coming…


HP Cross Country Meeting:

HP Homecoming Crossing Country Meet (view here) 


Record Black Bear in Ballantine, MT. (Click here to view) 

Huntley Aerial and Helicopter Ride Images. (Click here to view)


Worden Christmas Stroll: .


Misc Historical Pictures:

View Misc Huntley Project images here.


2011 Pryor Creek Floods:

Here are some pictures from the May 21st, 2011 Floods along the Pryor Creek.